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November 22, 2018
The banks continued to access the CBN’s Standing Facilities window to square up their positions either by borrowing from the standing lending facility (SLF) window or depositing excess reserves at the standing deposit facility (SDF) window of the CBN at the end of each business day.
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November 22, 2018
Entrenching ethics and professionalism in the public relations practice is key for the development of the reputation management space in Nigeria.
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November 22, 2018
The FGN bond market was scantily traded as market participants focused on the outcome of the Bond auction floated by the DMO today. While spreads in the market adjusted closer amidst bearish sentiments, yields consequently ticked marginally higher by c.1bp on the average across the curve.
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Proshare Nigeria
Proshare Nigeria
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Proshare Nigeria
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November 13, 2018
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